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Lenten Talks


Hello and welcome to this series of free Lenten talks on the doctrine of the Social Kingship of Christ.

The prohibition of public Mass in Ireland for most of the last year, by our Bishops, directly undermines Christ's Kingship. It illustrates the fact that many who accept Christ as Redeemer, Saviour and Priest are unconvinced of Christ as King. The unwillingness to boldly live and proclaim this doctrine is the source of all the great problems we now face. Indeed, no matter how hard Catholics try to end the great social evils - contraception, divorce, abortion, the redefinition of marriage etc. - in the end their efforts will be futile unless they are prepared to engage in the greatest struggle - that for the sovereignty of Christ the King. Hence, the urgent need for these free talks to understand exactly what is the "Kingship of Christ" and our responsibilities for establishing it in the world.

Second Talk:  "The historical and current errors that threaten the Kingship of Christ."

Saturday, March 6th, 7pm

Learn about some of the many historical errors and heresies that keep resurfacing today to attack the social kingship of Christ. e.g. nominalism , protestantism, the enlightenment, the errors of the French revolution, contract theory, evolutionary theory, naturalism , modernism, communism, liberalism, nouvelle theologie etc.. 

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