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Results from the Conference Ideation Session








1 Group Led prayer                
2 Promote the Rosary in Public              
3 Being Proudly Catholic              
4 Spiritual Direction                
5 Living Wage                
6 The Arts                  
7 Community                
8 Discussion Groups                
9 Organising / being organised              
10 Pilgrimages - Bobbio / Chartres / Metz and Schuman        
11 Speak up - talk to non believers, don't mix religion - no ecumenicalism      
1 Catechesis                
2 Study the lives of the Saints              
3 Inclusion of schools              
4 Youtube video of talks              
5 Priests need to catechize  irish people beginning with real presence of Jesus in Eucharist
6 Catholic schools ought to teach the catechism           
7 Better catholic education in catholic schools          
8 Inspirational catholic writers              
9 Catechism lessons                
10 Bible study                
11 Foster training in love of Traditional Mass in Priests and in the lay people and classes for lay people in the same
12 Advertise more latin masses              
13 Studying History, Philosophy, Catechism          
14 By  being informed                
15 Catechism                
16 Teach the real faith outside churches            
17 Authentic catholic education              
18 Education                
19 Reading and studying              
1 Public Witness                
2 Evangelise through conversation / miracles/ healings        
3 Public rallies with statues              
4 Identity                  
5 Media                  
6 Promote beautiful liturgies              
7 Smile and be joyful                
8 Processions                
9 Take the initiative don't be defensive            
10 Public worship                
11 Personal example                
12 Promote the saints of ireland            
13 More  latin masses              
14 Teach the gospel to the young            
15 Promote christ as our hero              
16 Participation in ceremonies              
17 Scripture readings                
18 Door to door visitation              
19 Defending the catholic faith              
1 Prayer groups                
2 Processions                
3 Latin mass in each parish every second sunday          
4 Personal holiness                
5 Encourage holy hours              
6 Religious life                
7 Encourage prayer at home/community            
8 Prayer                  
9 Retore all things in christ              
10 Perpetual eucharistic adoration            
11 Increase marian processions through ireland          
12 Latin mass                
13 Holiness                  
14 Revive devotion to mary              
15 Petition bishops to consecrate ireland to christ the king        
16 Prayer                  
17 Try to get into primary schools            
18 Daily rosary recitation              
19 Encourage people to pray when things go wrong          
20 Adoration                



1 Personal discipline teach by example            
2 Vote for catholic politians              
3 Enter public square              
4 Monarch                  
5 An organisation to get all the different orthodox catholic lay and apostoltes groups to meet biannually to strategise
6 Strategic subversion of opposition            
7 Engage politically                
8 The mass                
9 Intelllectual conversion - helping people see the problem of gnosticism  - Eric Voegelin   
10 Latin mass                
11 Rosary                  
12 Online presence                
13 Bishops                  
14 Ban abortion                
15 Ban porngraphy                
16 Only through holy spirit              
17 More catholic voices and points of view on the media        
  "Outside the Box"              
1 Oratorians - St. John Henry Newman            
2 Compostella pilgrimage              
3 Promote Good Literature              
4 Identify authentic Catholic sources of information          
5 Need a low cost Pro Life competitor to National Union of Journalists (NUJ) in Ireland capable of speading through Europe {NUJ Pro Choice since 1988}
6 Art / Music /                
7  Prayer / Mass                
8 Priests preaching full true doctrine and unafraid of causing offense      
9 Catholic Families                
10 Catholic Social Networks              
11 Latin                  
12 Prayer                  
13 Fasting                  
14 Catholic Marriage Support              
15 Promote Confession              
16 Establish regular Confession times and abandon "By appoint Confession"    
17 Going to Mass as frequently as possible and encouraging others to do the same     
18 Pray Pray Pray                

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